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Welcome to the in vivo image repository, which provides access to a growing number of medical imaging libraries obtained in patients who have or are being evaluated for cancer.

The goal of the in vivo image repository is to provide the biomedical research community, industry and academia with access to image archives that can be used for many purposes including the development and validation of analytical software tools supporting lesion detection and classification software, accelerated diagnostic imaging decision throughput, and quantitative imaging assessment of drug response.

The repository aims to provide access to imaging resources that will improve the use of imaging in today’s cancer research and practice by increasing the efficiency and reproducibility of imaging to support cancer detection and diagnosis, leveraging imaging to provide an objective assessment of therapeutic response, and ultimately enabling the development of imaging resources that will lead to improved clinical decision support.

The archive has been developed as an open source project and the software will be available for download in the late spring of 2006. The archive currently supports free download by the public and for some libraries, specifically authorized users, using a shopping cart metaphor. Persons accessing the system are currently able to download imaging studies, series, or individual images after specifying the type of images that are desired. The system will soon support the ability to save a recurring query or to resume an interrupted download. As the software evolves additional features will be added including additional security and privacy, interactive real time visualization for image review, annotation and mark-up, quality assurance, and over-reads & interoperability with caBIG’s caGRID and with other relevant NCI enterprise-wide research data management systems.

The ultimate goals of the project include:

  • Creation of an imaging informatics infrastructure that provides cost effective support for purpose-built and other databases as necessary precluding the need to create separate infrastructure for each database.
  • Development of searchable imaging reference libraries linked to clinical outcomes data to assist researchers and practitioners
  • Availability of the archive for mining and integration by the broader cancer research and clinical community
  • Robust support for data-driven decision making in oncology and medical practice in general by clinicians throughout the world
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